Photo of Raymond WeirRaymond Weir lives in the West of Scotland.

He has been a peripheral figure on the Glasgow music scene for a number of years, having spent lots of time with a variety of relentlessly chart-avoiding acts.  As keyboard player, writer and producer for the atmospheric pop band Gum, he received excellent reviews for the albums ‘Low-flying Kites’ and ‘Seven Feeble Alibis’

He is also the founder member of The Eisenhowers, described by one critic as: “a band specialising in literate, punchy and thoughtful songs about sex, celebrity, love, money, parenthood and serial killers.”

Their first two albums 'Almost half-undressed' (2006) and 'Film your own Atrocities' (2008) both managed to combine significant critical acclaim with less-than-significant sales. Work is now well underway on that 'difficult' third album (provisionally entitled 'Anhedonia') and informed industry sources expect it to be released sometime in the summer of 2014. 

Raymond has had a number of short stories published on various literary websites and is also Chairperson and occasional presenter at Pulse Community Radio. 

In his spare time, he really should get out more.   

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